Vladimir Petev  / Director, Writer
Vanya Rainova  / Producer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020: Project & Participant selection
MIDPOINT Feature Launch starts the 2020 edition


TWO TIMES ONE follows a young charismatic politician (VICTOR), who is a step away from becoming an MP. But when his underage son (DANI) reenters his life after the death of his mother, his orderly world is under threat by an innocent pair of eyes now constantly present.
At first, Victor balances well his new role of being a father with his dealings with influential people. He soon understands though that those two worlds cannot continue its coexistence. Victor decides to leave Dani again, but this time rationalizing his actions as for the good of his son.
Dani goes to live with his grandmother and the stories of the two men continue separately with the father’s one leading to a decline as his guilt and doubt now transform a once confident man, into a vulnerable one. Victor loses his political career, ambushed by his own, in a complex game he always thought he was in control of. Meanwhile, Dani enjoys a freedom away from his father and one that shows him the many faces life can have.