Kyuka Journeying to the moon through the endless sea

Kyuka Journeying to the moon through the endless sea


Kostis Charamountanis  / Director, Writer
Danae Spathara  / Producer

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An overprotective father and his mischievous adult twins go with the family sailboat for their yearly summer holidays; an opportunity to take care of their fragmented relationship which lacks mutual respect. Upon arriving on a Greek island, the twins reunite a missing little girl with her mother. Their father soon realises that the little girl’s mother is his ex-wife and birth mother of the twins, who had abandoned them when the twins were babies. The father becomes obsessed with his ex-wife. He lures her new husband and his family over for dinner and takes revenge on his ex-wife by exposing her past to her new family and the twins. Overwhelmed, the twins violently escape their father ’s grasp; but in the end, for the first time, they part ways and emerge as individuals, as they realise they want different things in life.