The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary


Katerina Borisova  / Director
Eleni Dekidis  / Producer
Alexandra Genova  / Writer

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Irina (40), a single mother of Kalina (18), is running a successful fitness center with her best friend Elena (40). Elena is brutally beaten by her fiancé and Irina sets out to hide Elena in a house in the rural mountains of Bulgaria. There Irina used to live fifteen years ago, but left after a car accident in which her ex-husband died. After Kalina creates a Facebook group for women victims of domestic violence they find out that the problem is much worse than they thought. Other women seek help through the group and Irina builds ‘The Sanctuary’ in the village where they hide, heal and take care for each other. But problems arise as the women are being chased and soon things start to fall apart. Irina and Kalina have yet to face their past as memories in the house bring the truth about the death of Irina’s husband and the fact that she herself was once a victim of domestic abuse.