Aleksandra Kostina  / Producer
Yelizaveta Smith  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020: Project & Participant selection
MIDPOINT Feature Launch starts the 2020 edition


The man is missing. He disappeared right during his shift in the train station where he works as a switchman. Nobody knows where he is, and police starts an investigation.
The place once occupied by the missing man, what is it like now? The abandoned flat, the workplace where a broken mechanism fails to function for one moment, the empty seat at the table where his friends gather.
Marta, the adult daughter of the missing man, has to come to her hometown to settle the legal issues and to sell the flat. She is the only relative of a missing man. Marta wants to sell the flat as soon as possible to get rid of everything that links her to her father with whom she had no contact for more than 20 years. Marta is surprised to discover her own feelings to unknown father. She begins to look for any details to find out what kind of man he was.