The Face of Honour


Milorad Radenovic  / Producer
Ana Vujadinovic  / Writer
Nikola Vukcevic  / Director

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During the WWII, a boy runs away from a paramilitary fascist unit which killed his parents and finds a secure place in the home of WWI Albanian hero Nur Doka. Nur’s house is surrounded by the Albanian paramilitary which demands that the boy be taken out and killed. If he does not obey, the army will kill all of his family. Soon, Nur will have to make a choice between the child, his honor and the lives of his family. Before the final decision, Nur goes to talk with the army commander to ask for the forgiveness for the boy, and also goes to the village judge to ask for a help from him according to common law. Finally, Nur realizes that no other authority can help him, and makes decision not hand over the boy, because honor is more important than life. Then, Nur’s son Mehmed, pretending to be the fugitive boy, decides to sacrifice himself by changing places with the boy who entered their house. With this act he gives a timeless response to the value of honor and ethical principles.