Ernestas Jankauskas  / Director
Birute Kapustinskaite  / Writer
Gabija Siurbyte  / Producer

MIDPOINT Intensive Lithuania 2019

MIDPOINT Intensive Lithuania: Selection announced
MIDPOINT Intensive Lithuania is here!


After two months spent in an anxiety clinic, perfectionist woman returns home. She is ready to start a new chapter of her life: spend more time with herself, restore a relationship with her fiancé, confess to everyone about her mental state. However, she finds only chaos in the lives of closest ones: her workplace is bankrupting, her manipulative mother had a heart attack, her brother is on a verge of a divorce, while his daughter is transitioning into the phase of adolescence. Maria loses her resolve and jumps into solving problems of others in order to forget about her own life which is crumbling into pieces. She tries to keep things under control, but that only causes anxiety. Her reality starts to mix up with distorted images and she constantly feels physically suffocated.
After a series of unfortunate incidents including her fiancé’s cheating, panic attacks come back and manifest through scary and dark visions. Will Maria learn to navigate?