Ieva Biliunaite  / Producer
Irena Kuneviciute  / Writer
Egle Vertelyte  / Writer

MIDPOINT Intensive Lithuania 2019

MIDPOINT Intensive Lithuania: Selection announced
MIDPOINT Intensive Lithuania is here!


A humble ONA and straightforward SAULĖ work in a canteen “Gardutė”. Girls disobey the director’s orders by serving fresh food instead of outdated and get fired.
Saulė persuades Ona to participate in a cooking competition for a chance of owning a restaurant. Girls get intimidated by the fact that they will compete with a celebrity chef – Bruknė. Despite the rough start - Ona spilling coffee on the judge Emanuel, Saulė making a fool of herself by not knowing the word „apperitivo“ and Bruknė stealing their recipe, “Gardutė” impresses the judges with their dishes, Ona and Emanuel starts to fall for each other.
Unfortunately, Bruknė’s team wins the competition. Ona overhears that competition was a marketing trick for a new Bruknė’s restaurant and Emanuel knew about it. Ona gets upset but doesn’t give up– she rents the canteen premises and invites her team to join. In the middle of the lunch hour at the canteen, Emanuel comes to apologize. Ona hands him an apron.