How is Katia?

How is Katia?


Julia Gonchar  / Writer
Veronika Stepanchuk  / Producer
Christina Tynkevych  / Director

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Anna, a 35-year-old doctor, lives a modest Kyiv life with her 10-year old daughter Katia. One morning Anna receives a call: her daughter has been hit by a car. Behind the wheel was 18-year-old Marina. Katia ends up in a coma. Marina’s father is an influential media mogul with the right connections, and he quickly and efficiently attempts to sweep the situation under the rug. Anna decides to fight back and starts a war against this injustice. While everyone around Anna thinks it’s hopeless, Marina has a battle of her own. The guilt begins to eat her from the inside out, but no one takes her seriously. Marina seeks redemption while Anna strives for revenge. At the lowest point of the story, Marina’s life ends up in Anna’s hands. Tempted to consider the worst, Anna saves the girl at the last moment. Katia is still in a coma, but the two women find their path to forgiveness and atonement.