Orfeas Peretzis  / Director, Writer
Konstantinos Vassilaros  / Producer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019: Projects and Script Consultant Trainees Announced
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Second workshop of Feature Launch is about to take off
MIDPOINT presents 8 feature film projects at Karlovy Vary IFF 2019
MIDPOINT Feature Launch: Awards winners and third workshop wrap-up
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After finishing school, Alkistis (17) spends her summer at home in a family hostel on the Athens Riviera. She mostly argues with her mother Anna and her godfather, talks to an old palm tree and maintains an altar in memory of her dead father. In order to stay in the hostel forever, Alkistis pretends she has failed her school exams. When Anna reveals that she has sold the hostel, Alkistis begins to rebel against her and starts an affair with a hostel guest Makis (38), using him as an excuse to keep things the way they are. She spirals into a dangerous obsession whilst her mother collapses emotionally. Heartbroken and sucked into loneliness, she finally connects with a boy her age and has a vision of her dead father. She returns to burn the altar, waking up under the dead palm tree, which is taken away by a crane. In the end, mother and daughter overcome an idolized past that is no longer possible.