Grey Skies

Grey Skies


Konstantine Kalandadze  / Director, Writer
Elene Margvelashvili  / Producer

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Georgia, 1994. Goga (15) spends his days in the streets with his classmate Avala. They are ‘tough guys’ of the post-war generation, imitating criminals and seeking power by bullying others. A new person appears in Goga's life – Gia (23), a former mobster and Goga’s relative who returns to the city. Gia now lives a quiet life among artists. He sees Goga’s passion for street life and shows him a different reality. Goga enjoys spending time with Gia and loses interest in Avala, leading to a fight between them. Meanwhile, Gia’s former gang appears on the scene, making claims about some unfinished business involving guns. Gia refuses to cooperate and is beaten in the street. The next day Gia takes Goga to a water canal where he gets rid of a bag full of guns. Gia explains to Goga that now he has burned all the bridges connecting him to his past. On their way back home, Gia is killed in the entrance of his home.