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Marijana Verhoef  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 announcing project selection
MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 is about to take off
Second workshop of TV Launch 2019 to take off
Final workshop of TV Launch and the Season Finale Showcase
TV Launch 2019: Awards winners & final workshop wrap-up


SASHA, a 20-year-old Serbian streetwise girl, decides to go to Berlin and get her missing father back to her family in Belgrade.
Meanwhile, MARLENE, a mid-30 romantic sociopath is living a Berlin life. Even though she is dating and exchanging various men and women in the dark loneliness of techno clubs, she still longs for love and true connection.
Once in Berlin, Sasha finds a clue about the identity of the mysterious German woman, called Marlene, her father married to get papers. She looks her up and befriends her without Marlene knowing who Sasha really is.
From the moment their paths cross, Sasha is trying to be present in Marlene’s life, as some sort of an unwanted guardian angel. Marlene tries to get rid of her, seeing Sasha as a random invader of her life’s routine. As time is passing by, to surprise for both of them, they get close and protective of each other while Sasha’s secret is ticking as a bomb threatening to ruin their friendship.