The Way Summer Ends


Svetislav Dragomirovic  / Producer, Writer
Ljubinka Stojanovic  / Writer

MIDPOINT Intensive Serbia 2018

MIDPOINT Intensive Serbia – project selection announced


The story about a family of, Petar a professional fencer, Hana the professional actress, and their four year old son Siniša. Hana finds out that she’s pregnant, and the information it self is not according to Petar’s life plans.
Petar is career pursuiter, and Hana wants to keep the baby, to spread and strengthen up the family. They confront about a decision, whether or not, to keep the pregnancy and become parents for the second time. Passive aggression, small and bulky lies, as well as unexplained relationships with parents from an early stage of life leads to culmination, in which emotions explodes during dinner at Petar’s mother birthday party, and we reveal the truth about their relationships.
In relationships where no one is honest and everyone is guilty, the main protagonists are starving, because none of them eventually gets what he fought for, what he sincerely wanted. Eventually, they all lose.