Zeynep Koprulu  / Director, Writer
Deniz Turkmen  / Writer
Utku Zeka  / Producer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2018

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Aylin (34) is a Turkish woman living in Paris illegally since she couldn’t renew her resident permit for the past 2 years. She has not been able to travel back to Turkey and see her family as well during that period. One day, Aylin learns that her father is very sick and that the doctors say he won’t live for a long time. Desperately she tries to solve her resident permit issue but the bureaucratic process makes it difficult. She is indecisive, if she stays in France she won’t be able to see her father for a last time but if she goes back than she won’t have the chance to enter French territory again. Aylin has now a short time to decide but she still can’t make up her mind.