For Alma


Anton Breum  / Director, Writer
Maria Moller Kjeldgaard  / Producer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2018

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Catherine, a choir singer in deep crisis, is going to a meeting at the State Administration. She has recently divorced Jakob and the state is mediating their parental custody dispute over their daughter Alma. Catherine just got a great job with a prestigious choir in Berlin and she now has to tell Jakob, Alma and the veteran family mediator Bonnie that she wants to move to Berlin with Alma.

But Catherine has a problem. She has suffered a mental breakdown, which manifests itself clearly. Catherine is literally, physically followed by a professional, classical choir only visible to her and they only ever disappear when Catherine is alone with her daughter.

Accompanied by the choir’s maddening singing, Catherine has to persuade her daughter, her ex-husband, the authorities, and not least herself that it’s a good idea to bring Alma to Berlin. In the end, Catherine chooses to set aside her career for the sake of Alma and we sense a touch of reconciliation between the divorcing parents.