Mother's Got a Gun


Eike Goreczka  / Producer, Writer
Arne Kohlweyer  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 announcing project selection
MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 is taking off
MIDPOINT TV Launch wraps up with a presentation of its graduating projects


TAMARA, HAJO and KONRAD, former members of the militant RAF(aka Bader-Meinhof-group), have been on the run from the German authorities for over 35 years. Lately they have been living in Slovakia as supposedly righteous pensioners on a farm. But when Tamara is diagnosed with cancer, they are forced to raid a money transporter once again, in order to pay for her treatment When the raid fails and the three are forced to return home, they are confronted with their past deeds and the people they have harmed. MARION, the daughter of one of her murder victims, falls back to her old obsession; to eventually convict the perpetrators of yore. She teams up with SASCHA, Tamara’s son, born in the subsoil and raised by relatives. But in the course of the joint search, the different motivation of the two turns them against each other. Meanwhile, OSKAR, an old acquaintance of the three aspires to become the Federal President and won´t stop at anything to protect his career from falling apart.