White Horse


Andrej Kolencik  / Director, Producer
Jakub Medvecky  / Writer

MIDPOINT Intensive SK 2017

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 announcing project selection
Intensive program in Slovakia about to begin


Miro, a 50-year-old man who lives in a garden full of used cars and motorbike wrecks, tries to make money by committing little absurd frauds. Kornel, his 17-year-old son whom he has not seen for years, makes his living by getting straw men (“white horses” in Slovak) on the streets. This is how homeless people become the owners of multi-million-euro companies in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, everything gets complicated when Kornel signs his father as a straw man. His superiors suddenly ask him to kill Miro to get rid of evidence. Miro and Kornel get into an absurd struggle for their own lives as Mafia launches a hunt for them. Will they manage to survive and restore their relationship?