Angel without Wings


Adrian Bialkowski  / Producer
Filip Gieldon  / Director, Writer
Kamila Zawada  / Producer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2010


Crazy. Beautiful. Dangerous. Inspirational. Self-destructive. Free-spirited. Hated. Loved. A n g e l. The voice of a generation. This is the true story of Berny Palsson. Set in Stockholm at the turn of the century, seventeen-year-old Berny is preparing for her pre-birthday party in her usual manner; drinking, taking drugs and cutting her wrists. Teaming up with her usual partners in crime Ranvi and the other girls of the Angel-family, they set out to turn the world upside down in their own fashion. As the party spins out of control and ends in a passive suicide attempt, Berny finds herself institutionalized against her will, diagnosed as an immediate danger to herself and others, four weeks short of her eighteenth birthday. (excerpt)