Before Take-Off


Barbara Hessova  / Producer
Barbora Hrinova  / Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2010


Before Take-Off is a story about the adolescence of eighteen–year–old Žofia, who, on her journey from childhood to adulthood, experiences a series of situations that are painful for her, but could be humorous for viewers.
Žofia lives with her mother Adela (60), who is also her high school teacher. Adela is a gentle but very dominant woman and virtually the “director” of Žofia’s entire life. Žofia is very dependent on her and sleeps with her in a double bed. Adela is very devoted to her dead husband – Žofia’s father, and behaves as if he were still alive. She prepares breakfast for him, goes to the cemetery every day, and maintains the memory of him and the ideals of the Velvet Revolution, in which he played an important part. She describes him to Žofia as a hero. (excerpt)