Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk  / Writer
Vladimir Yatsenko  / Producer

MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF 2017

MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF project selection announced
MIDPOINT goes to Karlovy Vary IFF
MIDPOINT in Cannes 2019


Pamfir earns his living by digging wells in villages of the border area between Ukraine and Romania. His wife Helena works in the local veneer factory, their son Nazar, 12 years old, goes to school. Pamfir’s family badly needs money for Nazar’s eye surgery, which is why Pamfir decides to go to Europe to work. He needs to apply for the visa, but the money he earns is not enough for the visa services. Pamfir’s younger brother Viktor lives by helping the local gang with smuggling. Viktor offers Pamfir a quick way to earn the lacking money by smuggling the bootleg cigarettes across the border without the gang, on their own. Pamfir agrees, without knowing that one needs a tremendous physical endurance to take the bootleg across the border, which the gang achieves by using steroids. The steroids have a dangerous aftermath of uncontrolled aggression. Nevertheless, Pamfir decides to do steroids too. The gang finds out about Pamfir’s business. The biggest challenge of Pamfir’s life awaits him.