Deddy's Kid


Arpad Balazs  / Writer
Aron Ferenczik  / Director
Judit Kastner  / Producer
Yvonne Kerekgyarto  / Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2012


Deddy is a boy of 24 who studies biology and leads an easy life without much responsibility. His divorced parents are financing his apartment and expenses and his grandma provides him with meals every day. He never had to stand up for himself or accomplish anything in his life. Therefore he lives in a dream without much connection to everyday reality. He is incapable to say no, but doesn't really need to do so: his presence goes usually unnoticed. He connects to the 'outer world' through his few friends who don't threaten his day-dreaming habit. His affairs with girls are confined to encounters with ugly, psyched out girls who don't have much self-confidence. He would seem a natural born loser to anybody: he lacks even the tiniest bit of ambition. (excerpt)