Real Girls


Tina Gorenjak  / Writer
Sarah Henigman  / Producer
Martina Ipsa  / Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2012


After different disappointments in life, four girls meet in a third class bar, where they are looking for dancers and singers.

Kristina (36) is the only one that already had a career as an excellent impersonator of different celebrities. The career ended badly, she surrendered to her destiny and now she is bitter and drowns her pain in alcohol. She handles her emotions with sarcasm and that makes her a lovable and often humorous character.
Mia (21) is at the start of her career. She wants to be a pop artist. In order to make ends meet, she undertakes various jobs. She has a bubbly personality and is enthusiastic about everything. Her naivety gets her involved in destructive romantic relationships.
Stella (26) is a very ambitious composer that wants to succeed in a world of music. Her family is very rich and business oriented and they don’t support her endeavours. Because of that she is always torn between her family and her own identity.
Gabi (30) wanted to be a professional dancer in musicals since she was a child. She is an excellent dancer that doesn’t suit the strict standards of show business - she is too fat. Even though she is a sexy girl, she is always self-conscious about her appearance. (excerpt)