Joanna Malicka  / Producer
Piotr Zlotorowicz  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2012


The house, near a bloodstock and farm in the middle of solitude in Mazury, has three levels. On the first level behind the locked doors is a room full of horse trophies. The Owner of this room must be a winner on break in competition. His sleeping room is full of photos of purebred stallions horses, too. Winners only. Ground floor is open for everyone. There is a kitchen, dining room, veranda and sleeping room of Marcin, the son of the Owner. Under this floor is a cellar – this place used to be a wine-bar years ago. There is only one entrance and a lot of rooms – it looks like a small hotel or a lot of guest rooms. There are beds, chairs and lamps. But no windows. (excerpt)