Eliza Jones  / Producer
Petter Ringbom  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2017

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After an environmental activist goes missing, her long departed American mother
returns and finds a Swedish island community torn apart by the fight over limestone
mining in the Asunden forest.

On a remote Swedish island, the environmental activist, AILI BILLING, goes missing and her dog
is found shot in the forest. Aili’s long departed American mother, SARA, returns when receives the
news. Sara doesn’t recognize the place she once called home. She finds a community torn apart
by the fight over limestone mining and an ex-husband, HENRIK, who hasn’t forgiven her for
For years, Aili and her fellow activists have fought to stop a mining company from exploiting the
Asunden forest and potentially harming the island’s freshwater source. As a result, hundreds of
locals risk losing their jobs. Henrik is certain that their daughter’s disappearance is related to her
fight against the mine. Sceptical at first, Sara gradually understands the depth of the conflict and
Aili’s increasing obsession with the forest. When Sara uncovers death threats that Aili received,
she comes face to face with the anger of the patriarchal leaders of the community and the acts
those men are capable of.
Sara and Henrik are pushed to their limits as they search for Aili both day and night. They are
forced to cooperate in order to overcome the challenges that the search brings, but unresolved
issues fester. Sara moved back to New York when Aili was a young teen. Henrik felt that she
abandoned them, and Aili and Sara grew apart.
While Sara and Henrik try to deal with each other, their desperation to find Aili escalates for every
day that passes. They soon have to decide how far they’re willing to go in order to find out what
happened. While Sara is ready to do whatever it takes, including violent measures, Henrik worries
about the ramifications of their actions on the community and on themselves. When all signs point
to a mining union spokesman, Sara pressures Henrik to help her assault and kidnap him.
Following their drastic act, Sara discovers Aili alive and well in the forest. After a miner shot at
her and killed her dog, Aili decided to stay hidden. As long as people are searching for her out
there, the mining company can’t cut down any trees to clear a path for the mine. Aili asks that Sara
keeps her scheme a secret, even to Henrik. Sara, reluctantly decides to heed her request.
In the end, Sara recognizes that both her and Aili’s actions, while valid, have severe consequences
on the people around them. After leaving a clue of their daughter’s well being for the distraught
Henrik, Sara departs the island once again.