Night of the Whale


Kaveh Daneshmand  / Writer
Jordi Niubo  / Producer

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On a holiday to the sea, an Iranian father, his Czech wife and their young daughter each cope in their own way with the fractiousness that threatens their family: The father turns to space. The mother to time. And the child to imagination.
They urge their journey forward along the road as the tension between the parents grow, drawing them deep into their private worlds.
A series of unsettling incidents ensue and derail their journey towards a grievous turn: a car accident, a hostile argument and eventually an empty train that passes them by as they are stoped at a railroad crossing.
And then, they arrive. Hotel Rewa; the coastal retreat off a Polish shore run by Aleš, an old friend who carries scars from the past.
As the family check in, each hold on to their unspoken thoughts for a change. It is here in the hotel, by its cold seaside and a decaying villa hidden in a forest nearby, where two encounters grant all three of them their wish for change, if not in the way they imagined.