Mnk Boy


Sibel Altinbas  / Writer
Bas Broertjes  / Producer
Mete Gümürhan  / Director

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Mnk Boy is the story of the 12-year-old Zeki, who, together with his father Mahir, leaves his sober life in the ghettos of Rotterdam behind for a new start in the metropolitan Istanbul.
Zeki tries to fill the loneliness he experienced in Rotterdam with superhero fantasies but is compelled to make real friends in Istanbul. Mahir on the other hand, is so occupied with his new job and surroundings that he neglects his son.
Feeling out of place in the gated community, Zeki drifts away and discovers lives in the suburbs. He meets Kemal (14) and his friends and feels accepted by them. Their friendship is nurturing to Zeki. He can easily share his interests in martial arts, gymnastics and superheroes with them. But this friendship has a prize. They want him to participate in the grab and run activities to stay part of the group. Zeki is challenged by the hardships of this new life and left with no choice other than to become a superhero.