Anastassia Oudovitchenko  / Producer
Ann-Julie Vervaeke  / Director, Writer

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How close can you get to someone before you lose yourself?
When Lilith and Violaine enter puberty, their girl-to-woman transformation puts their close friendship to the test.

West Coast, Belgium. Lilith(15) is a boyish girl that shares an exceptional bond with her friend Violaine(15). To Lilith their friendship is a bond too strong to be broken. But when she’s faced with Violaine’s bleeding body she feels abandoned and betrayed, leading to a rift between the two best friends.

When Lilith catches Violaine and Serge, her love interest, having sex in the dunes she feels as if she lost her big love and her best friend all at once. She tries to hide those intense feelings, but when Violaine tells her she’s pregnant, an emotional collapse seems inevitable.

Although Lilith is overthrown with heartbreak, she decides to answer Violaine’s pleas to disappear. In all her emptiness, Lilith allows Violaine to guide her one last time towards the abyss of the 134m high cliff of Cap Blanc Nez.