Alive in Moscow


Elie Aufseesser  / Producer
Grig Becket  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2017

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Damian – from a small village in Moldova who studies medicine, hates physical labor, finds a summer job in Moscow at a hospital where he hopes that he will learn medicine and become a doctor. When he gets to Moscow, it turns out that he will be working illegally at the local morgue carrying bodies for a small tip. He fights his repulsion and starts gaining money for his future studies. He meets the students and audits lectures proving his medical knowledge. He starts chatting with Nina, a student from Moscow, but soon she finds out his real story. When he is about to leave, he finds his friend’s body and has to decide – between paying to bring the body back to the village or keeping all the money he gained.
He takes the body back home becoming the hero of his community. Soon people ask him for medical advice and he starts gaining some money and can leave the village to continue his studies in Moldova or even in the Russian Capital.