Once Upon


Julia Berkes  / Producer
Aron Ferenczik  / Director, Writer
Csongor Szudy  / Producer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2014


"Once Upon” is the working title for a 45 minute long short film project. The movie is a thriller about solving a mystery and a forming friendship between a little girl and a boy in his 20s. "Once Upon” takes place in a long forgotten middle-eastern European mountain range at the beginning of the 17th century. It is connected to one of the most famous tales ever written in the western culture. It takes place at the same forest where the events of "Little Red Riding Hood” happened. The movie starts where the original tale ended, and ends a few years later. It reveals the aftermath of the original tale, it examines the consequences of it and gives a fictional answer to the dawn of the world famous tale "Little Red Riding Hood”. (excerpt)