Tonyo Kroger


Vaclav Hrzina  / Director, Writer
Kristyna Michalek Kvetova  / Producer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2014


Tonyo Kroger is a name of our main character (38 years old man). We will change his name in the movie, but now we are working with this metaphorical name. The story follows couple of weeks in his life.
Tonyo was working for a big international company as a programmer and he was considered as reliable men who we can ask questions and receive answers in this field. He was a man who was always having everything under control. He was intelligent in his own way and he was using his male charisma and kind of humour to drag women. And he was successful. He was living a life the others would dream of – good job, lots of money and without guilty conscience in regards to moral questions. Ten years ago he left his wife with who he had a child, who he is not seeing anymore.
But something came up to his mind, something, which is not necessary to understand logically. Most probably it was an intuition. He decided to change radically – he quit his job and he is doing everything he can in order to forget his life experience that he was living in past years. This is the background of the story that the audience will found out during the movie. And this is also a point where our story starts. (excerpt)