Barbara Dobiecka  / Producer
Malgorzata Giec  / Writer
Marta Prus  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2014


The film tells a story of an unexpected meeting, which evokes unknown feelings in a young girl.
Marysia (18 years) travels to Paris for a weekend to meet her boyfriend Bartek (20 years), who went there to work. They both come from poor Polish families. This is the first time Marysia travelled abroad. The couple is in love.
When Marysia arrives she finds out, that Bartek shares a flat with Anaïs; young, attractive girl. Marysia feels hostility towards the girl and feels deceived by the boy. Bartek waited for Marysia to come to propose to her. Marysia accepts the engagement. They start to drink alcohol in the street and get drunk.The boy starts to climb on cars singing the Weding March. Unexpectedly the police arrives and takes Bartek. (excerpt)