Buni and Claudiu


Daria Nistor  / Producer
Dan Stoian  / Writer
Constantin Radu Vasile  / Director

MIDPOINT Shorts 2014


Doina (75) is a dedicated teacher and an uncompromising woman. Claudiu (23) is a rich kid who just got dumped by his girlfriend. Immediately after Doina is found guilty for her husband’s death, Claudiu takes advantage of the last hours of his grandmother’s freedom and, pretending to take her to the police, he runs with her from Bucharest to The Republic of Moldova. He is helped by a fellow archaeologist, who arranges him all he needs, once he gets there. But Doina finds out about her grandson’s plan. She becomes desperate and tries to make him turn back. But Claudiu is convinced that his grandmother is innocent and his mind is made up. At one point, after frightening Doina with what may happen to her in jail and that she may never see the light of day again, she seems to accept Claudiu’s initiative of running away. She calms down and they seem to have a reasonable conversation. But when she sees a police car, she makes an unexpected and dangerous gesture and stops the car. Doina tells the policeman the whole story and that she is guilty of murder. The policeman doesn’t believe her and thinks she is crazy, but Claudiu begins to have second thoughts. The policeman is interested in getting a bribe from Claudiu, to forgive him for the illegal way he stopped the car. Doina is disgusted by the policeman. She gives him the bribe and gets back to the car. In the end, she decides to agree with Claudiu’s plan of leaving the country.