Adam Espentor


Adam Gebert  / Writer
Katerina Kacerovska  / Writer
Ondrej Provaznik  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 1 2015
MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 2 2015


One morning, a stranger arrives in Olšová, a small uprooted border town tainted by corruption, crime and racial disturbances. The mysterious stranger is stricken with amnesia and has no idea what his relation to this unpleasant place might be.
The only clue to his identity he has, are odd mythical-like visions of a hunter chasing a doe.
He does not understand them, but the one thing he knows is that they are taking place in the
area he has arrived to – only in a different time or reality. The man, who adopts the name Adam Espentor, decides to stay in Olšová and uncover his past, following both his visions and tangible evidence, which gradually begins to surface. Inevitably, he becomes entangled in the dramatic events buffeting Olšová – election campaign battles, shady deals, rising ethnic tensions and, above all, an investigation of a brutal murder. The closer he comes to discovering his past, the more he reveals of the true nature of the place where he has been destined to start a new life.