Nearest and Dearest


Jana Skorepova  / Writer
Veronika Skorepova  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 1 2015


Andrea is a young and successful TV presenter. She has her own show where she helps find missing people. To a certain extent the show is her own way of dealing with a personal problem – the feeling of guilt for the disappearance of her younger sister she had been partially responsible for. When information from participants in her program leads to new facts about her sister’s disappearance, she decides to follow the trail and re-open the case and the search for her missing sister with police inspector, Nedela.
In the course of Andrea’s investigation, dark secrets from the supposedly idyllic family life of Prof. Dr. Peter Rajner - a respected and popular expert in the eld of neurosurgery - come to light. 
It is the psychiatric patient and all-round weirdo, Viktor Hulman – a man without a past or future – who restarts the case. His visions and hallucinations mark a new path and despite his initial scepticism, inspector Nedela can’t take directions from Hulman on his quest to find the missing Nika Belakova. When Hulman’s visions later prove to be too detailed in their descriptions of the crime scene, the visionary suddenly becomes the prime suspect.