The Camp


Adela Kabelkova  / Writer
Marek Novak  / Producer
Klara Vlasakova  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 2 2015


Miniseries “The Camp” (4 x 55 minutes) is conceived on an apocalyptic situation, in which a group of scout campers gets isolated from the outer world, while a worldwide pandemia of a deadly hemorrhagic fever breaks out. It is transmitted by physical contact and the infected dies, within few days, of general exhaustion and organism failure. There is no vaccine or medication yet.
A military helicopter lands in the camp to evacuate the campers to the alleged protection center “Stronghold”. The chopper has limited capacity and takeoff weight, so only the youngest kids are evacuated. The crew assures the rest, that they will come back for them. Those who stay are boys and girls between 12-19 years of age. Three supervisors (main protagonist Toník, who fails in many areas of his life and the role of camp leader is one of the few, in which he feels secure, the cool guy Peter and contemplative Svata), Eva the camp’s medic, who actually didn’t want to go at all, and seven kids (the camp’s beauty Eliška, depressive Zaneta, the myth-forger-liar Kaja, Denis, traumatised Zdenda, the camp’s darling-of-all Pája and slightly retarded Jarek). (excerpt)