Pavel Nosek  / Director
Tatana Rubasova  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 2 2015


The title refers not only to the Bistro (at the props department) where ALICE (31) works as a waitress, but as a metaphor to the sexual weapons that she uses, in order to realize her dream. She works so close to her dream but instead she is using her talents she is serving universal brown sauce. She has screenwriting talent in abundance but without a degree and contacts she's screwed. She decided to use the one talent she has and get into bed with whoever can further her career.
She is not a famme fatale. She is pretty average but rather cute. She is like a chameleon, she can be whatever her one-­‐night-­‐stand wants. She will sleep with whoever will help her the most. She will learn all she needs, gather contacts and systematically progress. Producer, director, cameraman, sound recordist, editor
.... She is successful everytime but each time it turns out differently than she had
expected. (excerp)