Good Souls


Irena Obermannova  / Writer
Jiri Vlach  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 2 2015


It is the time of municipal elections in the town of Vlčí Úpice. The town is also hosting an important chess tournament, the reason young chess player with vague symptoms of autism spectre disorder, Valentýna Šímová (28), has found her way here. On the morning of an important match, she finds the dead body of councilwoman Zuzana Staňková (35). The police rule it a suicide. Was that what really happened, or did she have help?

The death of the politician stirs up pre-election hysteria in this cookie cutter small town. Zuzana's death touches upon the lives of too many local figures—more or less prominent citizens. It has a fundamental influence on Valentýna as well and her perception of the world. She discovered the body. She is convinced that it was murder. Valentýna embarks on the greatest chess match of her life. A match with a murderer. She must step out of her protective shell into the real world. She begins the hunt for the murderer on her own. In reality, she is searching for life. For what it is like. Because she has no clue. (excerp)