Kolbrun Anna Bjornsdottir  / Writer
Eva Sigurdardottir  / Producer
Vala Thorsdottir  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2017

Countdown to MIDPOINT TV Launch in Sarajevo


When finding out about her husband’s infidelity, the normally level-headed ER-doctor, Kristin, moves with her teenage daughter back in with her parents in a tiny fishing village (821 inhabitants) in rural Iceland. Kristin expects an easy and quiet time as the local GP, only to find that spiritism and superstition rule the village. The clinic’s receptionist is secretly selling herbal medicine and the nurse keeps a violent secret; Kristin’s old flame is constantly in her hair, and her medium Mum holds séance meetings in their living room. Moving back home has forced Kristin to face her deep, dark fears and secrets - the sudden death of her little sister when they were teenagers, and her doubts about the paternity of her daughter. Has she started losing her mind, or is there something out there that can’t be scientifically explained?