Kostis Charamountanis

Kostis Charamountanis


Kyuka Journeying to the moon through the endless sea

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Kostis Charamountanis is a Greek self-taught filmmaker born in 1994 in Athens, Greece. He studied acting at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire and graduated in 2015. He made his first film in 2016 at the age of 21. Overall he has written, produced and directed four short films. At the moment he is developing his first feature film titled Kyuka Traveling to the Moon through the Endless Sea. Apart from film making, he has worked professionally as an actor, a music composer, a sound designer, a film editor, a second assistant director and production assistant in theater, TV and cinema.
The feature film Kyuka Traveling to the Moon through the Endless Sea is the feature length continuation of the short Kioku Before Summer Comes that was widely praised and won the Motive award of the Greek Film Centre at the 41st International Short Film Festival in Drama and the Best Director award at the 24th Athens International Film Festival.




Director, Writer