Decho Taralezhkov

Decho Taralezhkov


MIDPOINT Writers' Room 2019

Ten fresh talents selected for MIDPOINT Writers’ Room


Decho Taralezhkov, son of the late Bulgarian composer and arranger Decho Taralezhkov Sr., is a script writer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts with a bachelor's degree in Dramaturgy. He co-wrote drama/dark comedy “Glory” (2016), the multi-award winning second feature of Bulgarian directors Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov. He's been working closely with them ever since. He assistant-directed their third feature, “The Father” (2019) and is co-writing their newest project, "Triumph". They also worked together on “The Island of the Blue Birds” (2019), a limited series for kids for the Bulgarian National Television.
Decho wrote the 2018 story-driven video game “Elea – Episode 1”, developed by Bulgarian indie studio Kyodai. He also voices two of the characters in the game. Aside from his work, Decho is the lead singer, guitarist and lyricist of Sofia-based alternative/art rock group Stop the Schizo.