Bo Ehrhardt

Bo Ehrhardt


MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 2 2015


Bo Ehrhardt graduated as producer from the National Film School of Denmark in 1993 and founded Nimbus Film together with Birgitte Hald same year. Nimbus Film has been playing a leading role in bringing talent to the new wave of Danish cinema and played a vital role in the dogma-movement producing several of the first dogma-films – among others the price winning THE CELEBRATION (Thomas Vinterberg) and MIFUNE (Søren Kragh-Jacobsen). Bo is executive producer on all productions and responsible for business development, film finance and co-productions. Bo has produced the TV series THE BRIDGE (Charlotte Sieling and more) and numerous of films, here among CATCH THAT KID (Hans Fabian Wullenweber), VALHALLA RISING (Nikolas Winding Refn) and the Oscar-nominated short TEIS AND NICO (Henrik Ruben Genz). Bo has chaired at the European Film College for seven years and has represented the producers association in the film council of the Danish Film Institute.