Ugljesa Jokic

Ugljesa Jokic


Anatomy of a Crime

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018


Uglješa Jokić was born in Belgrade in 1976.

He graduated from the Faculty of International Management (FIM) in Belgrade. He completed the final year at the Manhattan Institute for Management (MIME), New York.

The MBA was done at the Cotrugli School of Business, Belgrade.

In 2007, he established the production house “Doktor Production”, which has done over 200 commercials among which are campaigns for Nestle, Swatch, Mittal Steel ...

In 2012 “Doctor Production” merged with the post-production and animation studio “Fried Pictures”, and become new company DOKTOR FRIED, the largest studio in the region. Uglješa was the CEO of this new company.

In 2014 he Opened Regional Office for the Middle East in Qatar.

In 2016 he switches to the production of a feature program. The first project he worked on was a crime series "The Murderer of my Father". The series broke all records of ratings in the territory of Serbia. In 2017, the second season was broadcasted and the contract was signed for the 3rd and 4th season.

In 2018, he founded WIP TV with his partners from WiP production.

The first project of the new company is the series "Anatomy of a Crime".