Giacomo Durzi

Giacomo Durzi


MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 announcing project selection
MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 is taking off


Giacomo Durzi has mostly been working as a scriptwriter for several production companies and for television networks RAI, MEDIASET, SKY (In treatment, Romanzo Siciliano, Distretto di Polizia, La Squadra, I Cesaroni, Ris). His experience includes credits as creative producer on feature films like “L’estate di mio fratello” and “Non pensarci”, and as script consultant in many film productions. As an editorial consultant he has worked for Fox International Channels Italy, developing the original productions, and for production companies such as Endemol and Tandem Communications-Studio Canal. Currently he’s story editor and creative producer for SKY Italy, consulting on the development of the original production of tv series. As a director he directed several documentaries for european broadcasters such as RAI, The History Channel, NBC Universal Network, CHANNEL 4 and MTV, like “SB I knew him well”, that has been world premiered in competition at the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma and his last one "Ferrante Fever" released in theatres and soon on Tv (RAI-SKY coproduction, international sales by The Match Factory) . He has teached screenwriting at the DFFB (Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin), IFS (International Filmschule Koln), MASPA-Università La Sapienza di Roma, and currently at Holden school of Torino, and works as tutor and script consultant for different film training programs like Biennale College Cinema, TorinoFilmLab, Clinick Dok&School, and for “Racconti Script Lab” by IDM (Business Locations Sudtirol).