Anna Vasova

Anna Vasova


MIDPOINT TV Launch 2017

MIDPOINT TV Launch's Workshop 2 is taking off


Anna started in Prague in early nineties as a film and TV script executive and commissioning editor in Czech Television.  During that time she worked on several landmark projects. She also lectured dramaturgy and stage directing at the Theatre Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and wrote scripts for TV and radio. Later she headed the production and distribution arm of Barrandov studios and then became Director of Programs at Czech Television. From there she moved to Eurovision/EBU in Geneva. During her 15 years at the EBU, Anna led various program sectors and managed over 50 international co-productions of all genres across 86 national broadcasters from 56 different countries. In 2014, Anna returned to Prague. Since then she works independently as a member of Czech Television Director’s Advisory board and as scriptwriter, script editor and coproduction expert. In 2016, Anna joined FAMU, Film Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where she teaches at Animated Film Department led by Michaela Pavlatova. Lately Anna also became member of the FAMU’s Artistic Board.


Czech Republic