Marta Lamperova

Marta Lamperova


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Marta graduated with a degree in Psychology from the Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia and in Film Studies from the University of Fine Arts VŠMU. From 1999, she has worked as a production manager and a freelance producer for various production companies in Prague. In 2003, she moved to Berlin and soon became Head of Sales Dept. at MDC Int., taking over the marketing strategy, sales and acquisitions in Eastern Europe, Balkan, Russia, Asia and English speaking territories. In 2008 she became the Managing Director of Film Europe, Sales and Development branch of SPI, a key distribution company in Eastern Europe. She now works as a lecturer on film marketing strategies at FAMU and at Charles University, lectures on marketing and sales strategies for various institutions and training workshops, such as Babylon, European Producers Club, Train East, Screen Leaders. She acts as an expert for EAVE training, Nipkow Programm. She is the founder of Character – Film Development Association. She currently works as the Head of FAMU Producing Department.