Triin Tramberg




Triin Tramberg has been the program coordinator for Black Nights Festival since 2011. From 2014 - 2020 she cofounded her own distribution company Punch Drunk Films distributing films like “Mustang” and “La Famille Belier" in the Baltics. From 2016 she has also focused more on the industry side of the festival at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, selecting titles for the international Works in Progress and script competition Script Pool that focuses on scripts for feature length and drama series.

Many selected projects have premiered in various festivals including Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, Locarno and Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Since 2019 she has been in charge of Creative Gate a part of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event which is a creative industry development centre with primary aim of developing entrepreneurship and providing continuing educational program for different film professionals. It consists of masterclasses and workshops for actors, composers, production and costume designers, cinematographers and many other fields in cinema.

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